Hi! My name is Nimit Shah

I'm a designer

The Site

I will be using this site as a playground to test anything new in the field of design, data visualisaiton, AI/ML, and front-end. As you can see, it is still under construction but I will keep posting articles in the meantime.

Adventures in Design

Adventures in Design is a series of articles that I will be starting to post here on my website. Over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of abandoned design projects that I want to open up to the public. My aim is to generate some discussion around them, learn from them and make my designs better.

My first article in the series is My Landscape of Literature

My second article in the series is about How I designed a Map

For my third article I visualised an Almost Complete Timeline of DC Comics

Follow up to my first ever article! Landscape of Literature: Deux visualises and puts my complete history of reading and help me confront my biases

Final part in my literature series! Landscape of Literature: Trois maps and compares my old reading habits against the future reading list

Adventures in Culture

Adventures in Culture is a series of articles that deal with understanding the world and the different people that inhabit it.

My first article in the series is Around the World - Films

For my second article I made a list of Comics I recommend

Adventures in Gaming

Adventures in Gaming is a series of articles that cover my love of games ranging from boardgames to videogames!

My first article in the series is The Golden Age of Modern Board Gaming